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MasterChef - FOX (additional music) 2019*

Family Food Fight - ABC (additional music) 2019*

The Parts We Lose - H Collective (composer) 2019*

The Bible from Space - National Geographic (main titles and additional music) 2019*

Savage Kingdom III: After the Fall - Nat Geo Wild (main titles and composer) 2019*

theBlu: Deep Rescue - Dreamscape Immersive (composer) 2018*

The Simpsons - FOX (composer) 2017 / 2018* 

Rampage - Warner Brothers (TV Spot) 2018

Unbroken 2: Path to Redemption - (trailer music) 2018

Symphony for Our World - Nat Geo Wild (main titles and composer) 2018*

Alita: Battle Angel - 20th Century Fox (BTS featurette) 2018

Big Cats - BBC One (main titles and composer) 2018*

Intervention: The Heroin Triangle - A&E (main titles and additional music) 2018*

The Legend of Tarzan - Warner Bros (TV Spot) 2017

Savage Kingdom II: Uprising - Nat Geo Wild (main titles and composer) 2017*

Candy Crush - TBS (additional music) 2017*

Fear Factor - MTV (main titles) 2017*

Adam Corolla and Friends Make Stuff Live - SPIKE (main titles) 2017*

Kicking and Screaming - FOX (composer) 2017*

The Godfather: Family Dynasty - Hitcents interactive (composer) 2017

Savage Kingdom - Nat Geo Wild (composer) 2016*

Star Trek Beyond - Paramount (TV Spot trailer) 2016*

Eye in the Sky - Bleeker Street Media (custom TV Spot trailer) 2016

Palm Trees in the Snow - Nostromo Pictures (licensed placement) 2016

Continent 7 - National Geographic (additional music) 2016*

Chasing Cameron - Netflix (additional music) 2016*

Legends and Lies - Fox News (additional music) 2016*

Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER - National Geographic (additional music) 2016*

America’s Greatest Makers - TBS (additional music) 2016*

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 - Lionsgate (TV Spot Trailer) 2015

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies - Warner Bros (TV Spot Trailer) 2015

Unbroken - NBC Universal (Theatrical Trailer additional music BTS) 2015

*work for Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop

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